Info-Motion CMS
  The Info-Motion CMS is a cloud based system to manage the content on your Motion HD V1 or V2 devices. In a nutshell, you upload all of your content to the CMS where you create folders of content for each group of devices you want to manage.

Each of the Motion HD devices will check in with the CMS looking for an update. You can update content, change some of the settings and have the device upload log files (V2 only) back to the CMS where you can look at the data from each player.

All of the content is played directly from the Micro SD card on the device so if your network connection goes down, your content will continue to play.

The CMS is best viewed in Firefox, or Chrome or Safari. Please do not use Internet Explorer, most of the CMS functionality will not work, so we do not support it.

Follow the links below for basic steps of using the CMS to manage your content.
  1. Set up your players in the "Players" tab
  2. Create folders for each player group in the "Library" tab.
  3. Assign players to groups in the "Group" tab.
  4. Create play lists for each group in the "Playlist" tab.
  5. Assign the play list to a group in the "Playlist" tab.
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